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Q: Do I have to make an appointment for
a pregnancy test?

A: You can come any time during business hours for a pregnancy test (Monday-Wednesday, 11-4). You will receive a self-administered pregnancy test, after which you will meet with a trained client advocate who will go over the results with you.

Q: What can I expect during my first appointment?
A: Each appointment varies, but as a new client, you can expect to meet with a trained advocate who will fill out an intake form from information you provide. Because most appointments are one hour in length, we recommend that you make an appointment.

Q: Do you offer referrals for abortion or birth control?
A: We do not perform nor refer for abortion or birth control; however, we are committed to giving you the most accurate information regarding all of your options, including information on pregnancy development, abortion procedures and risks.

Q: How do you offer your services free of charge?
A: The Family Resource Center of Oswego County is a non-profit organization receiving most of its funds and material resources from private organizations and individuals who have a heart for the community. Because of their generosity, we are able to offer all of our programs and services free of charge.

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