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It's that time of year!

Please consider supporting the Family Resource Center, by giving a special donation of any amount!

When you donate to the FRC, you're helping individudals like Ismarie. Ismarie shared: 
"Once you find out you’re going to be a new mom lots of feelings take over. One of the main ones is fear. Fear you don't know what you’re getting yourself into, fear that you might not know what you're doing, fear that once you have your baby you won't have anyone there to listen or to guide you without taking over and telling you exactly how you're supposed to do it. But when you attend a place like the Family Resource Center you realize how much they can be there when you most need it... 

Furthermore, you go home with stuff for your little ones. The FRC can help you with diapers, formula, baby clothes, etc... 

Thanks to the FRC I can have confidence and knowledge in my everyday life. Thanks to the FRC I no longer have that am I doing this correctly or how can I or am I good enough as a mom thought of feelings. The FRC has given me classes that I very much need and appreciate. Thank you FRC for being there for me and my family!"

Our Goal is to raise $7,000
So far, we've raised: $6,015

Simply click the button below and select "Year End Giving" under "FUND."

Then, enter the desired donation amount!

Thanks again, Merry Christmas!

Ismarie and family.jpg

Ismarie and family

We appreciate your support and are thankful to be able to share the gift of life with others in our community!

Your donation will allow our team to support new parents, by providing mentorship and necessity items for families in need, as we provide more families with the care, "confidence, and knowledge" that Ismarie received. 

Thank you to our Sponsors

157 Liberty Street
Oswego, NY 13126
24-Hour Helpline: 800-712-4357

Monday | 11am-4pm
Tuesday | 11am-4pm
Wednesday | 11am-4pm
Thursday | 11am-4pm

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