Family Resource Center

Join us for the 


This year's Walk4Life is completely VIRTUAL!

Register for free, VIRTUALLY!

Build a team, VIRTUALLY!

Raise money for the FRC, VIRTUALLY!

AND do your walk...well, sort of VIRTUALLY!

  1. Decide if you want to be a "Coordinator", or (team captain) OR if you want to be a "Life Partner", (or walker) only.

  2. Go to the website to sign up for whichever one you decide.  

  3. Share your link! Once you're signed up, you will get your own link to YOUR web page!​​ Share your link with friends and family so they can either join you and do the challenge, or they can donate!

  4. Do the challenge!

The Challenge

  • The Challenge starts on Sunday September 22 and runs until the end of the day Saturday, September 28.

    • CHALLENGE 1: Complete 50,000 steps by the end of the 7 day challenge.​

    • CHALLENGE 2: Monday is the Crunch Challenge! See the Facebook Event for more details!

    • CHALLENGE 3: Tuesday is the Push Up Challenge.

    • CHALLENGE 4:  Wednesday is the Squat Challenge.

    • CHALLENGE 5:  Thursday is the Jumping Jack Challenge.

    • CHALLENGE 6: Friday is the Lunge Challenge.