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Post Abortion Counseling Education

Have you had an abortion?

Has your wife or girlfriend had an abortion?

Do you have unresolved guilt?

Need to talk to someone?

JOIN US for a confidential teleconference call on the second Saturday of each month at 10am. Share your abortion story if you want to, or just quietly listen.  Go through the Forgiven & Set Free book with us as we work through our abortion experiences together!  Join us and learn how you can be forgiven and set free!


  • On the second Saturday of each month call into our free and confidential conference call.  Call in 3-5 minutes before 10am Eastern Time.

  • We will start promptly at 10am Eastern Time.

  • Take a turn talking about your story if you want to, contribute to the post abortion counseling education lesson that we will go through, OR be silent and listen.  It's up to you!

  • If you want to follow along in the "Forgiven and Set Free" book that we will be using, you can get yours free.  Just fill out the confidential form below to have it mailed to you. Just put "PACE" in the subject line and enter your mailing address in the message area.

  • All P.A.C.E. leaders have also had an abortion in the past and they know what you have gone through!

  •  Call: 605-472-5715  Code: 690954  Remember, you can just stay quiet and listen!

  • Get Lesson questions HERE!

QUESTIONS?  email or call 315.343.4866

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