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Our History

The Family Resource Center of Oswego County has been in existence since 1984...


We have been kindly serving families for over 30 years!

Originally called the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Oswego County (CPC), the FRC was a accomplishment of the Christian Action Council (CAC) of Oswego County, whose three-fold mission was to:

1. Affect legal and political change to abortion laws, honoring the right to life of the unborn.

2. Educate both the churched and non-churched members of the community regarding the laws, methods, forms and consequences of abortion. 

3. Promote support for women in facing a crisis pregnancy, assisting them in bringing their child to full term birth. 

Today, the FRC still proudly carries on this mission!


The National CAC was founded in 1975 by renowned scholar, Dr. Harold O.J. Brown, with its primary focus to engage evangelicals in responding to the abortion crisis.

The local CAC was started in January of 1984 after a small group of nine Oswego residents traveled to Washington DC to participate in the annual Right to Life sponsored March for Life, marking the US Supreme Courts' ruling in Roe vs. Wade, which legalized abortion throughout the entire United States of America.

After meeting with CAC national leaders and returning to Oswego, members of this initial group contacted members of local area churches to invite them to participate in the formation of the local CAC chapter.

In the 1990's, the national CAC's mission crystallized into reaching out to women facing unplanned pregnancies through the work of pregnancy centers.  In 1999, the organization changed its name to Care Net.  Today, Care Net is an expansive network of more than 1,100 pregnancy centers across North America. 

Our local CAC did  not change its name and become the CPC, however the CAC committee that was tasked with promoting tangible programs for helping women in crisis, recommended that a separate organization be formed, independent of the CAC, whose purpose would be strictly to help women facing a crisis pregnancy, or, related needs.

In response to that recommendation, the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Oswego County was incorporated in May 1984 and a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization. 

John O'Brien was responsible for  much of the initial leg work that was done to make the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Oswego County possible. In an interview with Lisa Rappa, the center's Board Chair at the time, on April 5, 2011 John explained how the center came to be. 

The CAC (Christian Action Council) was started in the home of Billy Graham right after Roe vs Wade was decided. John was working around his house and was listening to WMHR and heard Jeremy Jackson and Jim Tepe, who were the president and vice president of the Syracuse CAC, talking about the organization.  John's heart was stirred and he spoke to his pastor, Philip Keevil, about the CAC and what he had heard on the radio that day.  Shortly after that nine people from the Elim church traveled to Washington DC for the Right to Life March and made an appointment to visit the national office of the CAC to learn how to start a local chapter. 

They brought that information back and talked to those in other area churches.  The Elim Church, the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Oswego, the Fulton Christian and Missionary Alliance and the Fulton Church of the Nazarene were the four that initially got involved. 

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Oswego, NY 13126
24-Hour Helpline: 800-712-4357

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