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Hello, my name is Heidi Reyes.  I would like to share with others my wonderful experience of the programs I was able to be involved in at the Family Resource Center of Oswego County.  My involvement at the center has had a beyond positive impact on my family.  The education available there is just an overall wonderful experience for myself and my family as we grow with the program and as I use and test out the knowledge learned in new routines with our children. 


All the staff are very friendly, caring and naturally compassionate.  I've attended multiple programs offered by the center from the parenting class and also a woman's group, Heart to Heart - both very useful.  In addition my husband attends the Man to Man class and is very pleased and grateful to be a part of.  


The learning experience from the parenting class is so useful in our daily lives, there are so many positive ways of disciplining a child's natural behaviors as they grow and from baby to toddler and the skills the class provides on how to manage and grow with them has helped us in our children's daily activities.  We have learned how to manage crying, toilet training, tantrums and sometimes just the meaning of "no", which as parents we all need a little reminder here and there. 


Attending the classes and programs you are also given a small compensation at the end of each class in which you are able to use in their boutique and use the mentor dollars for used clothing, coats or shoes in great condition, boy or girl.  I was grateful for this as we have both girls and boys at home and everything helps in our big family.  There is also baby formula, diapers, baby food and plenty of other necessities and useful children's items.  


I've benefited from the program in so many ways; educationally on the useful ways of parenting and discipline along with just the overall warm experience from start to finish of each class I've attended.  I'm beyond grateful to have been a part of the many classes offered and I hope that many others will get familiarized to the programs offered and available to them at the Family Resource Center of Oswego County to enjoy the experiences I have and will continue to do classes to learn more as my children grow.